New Food Place Weekly: #NewFoodPlace

This blog’s main purpose is to track my journey trying a new food place every week in 2021. 

I’m going to try to go to a new place for food once a week in 2021. It normally won’t be something fancy–quick takeout, food trucks, coffee shops, donuts, tacos, pub food, etc. Of course sometime I like to go out to fancier places too. One good thing about living in Monterey, CA is that there are many places to try. While most places will be in the Monterey area, I when I travel I will still include the places I try.

Old Favorites: #ReturnFoodPlace

I’ll also post reviews of my favorite food places

From While I like trying new places I also have my old favorites I will continue to return to. I will occasionally include posts from these return visits. 



I’ll also occasionally include posts about food I cook at home.

I am not a gourmet chef but I like to cook and I need a place to record my recipes going forward, so why not here? 

Brews and Other Drinks

Coffee shops, brew pubs, wineries, etc.

I also enjoy coffee shops and brew pubs. Perhaps I’ll highlight a few as well!